Fleck 5600 Rebuild Kit – The must have Kit for you

We will provide you with a detailed report on Fleck 5600 Rebuild Kit in this post. We will discuss all the elements in this kit, and understand the function of each one of them here.

Maintenance is something which is necessary for using any product. And if you are looking for some instruments needed for the maintenance then you must get one Rebuild Kit for your Fleck 5600SXT unit.

Fleck 5600 Rebuild Kit

Among all the units offered by the Fleck systems, the 5600 is one among the newly released one. This system comes along with programmable cycles, and it is manufactured in the USA.Fleck 5600 Rebuild Kit

The material used here is poly glass, and it is utilized in the making of the tank. And the valve used here is digital metered, and the function of on-demand is used here.

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Now talking about the machinery elements included in this Rebuild Kit are Softener Piston, Seal and Spacer, and finally one brine tank.

This Rebuild Kit is mainly for the procedure of rebuilding the Fleck 5600SXT system. All the parts included here are genuine in nature, and officially provided by the Fleck manufacturers.

We will now provide you with the valid codes used for each element present in this kit. They are listed as:

  • Piston Assembly – Fleck 60102-00
  • Seal and the Spacer Kit – Fleck 60125, and finally
  • Brine Valve Piston – Fleck 60032

So these are the various parts included here, and we have also listed their respective codes along with it. This kit is used for the rebuild task for the Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener.

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And one major point to note here is that this package is presented to you by the Fleck brand. Thus you will get to use genuine products only. You could order one quickly via the Amazon website portal.

Hope you guys got their answers related to the Fleck 5600 Rebuild Kit in this article. If you found this post helpful, don’t forget to tap the Share icon, and spread the knowledge!

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Fleck 5600SXT Parts of Water Softener

Check out all the Fleck 5600SXT Parts of Water Softener in this article. We have explained in detail about the major system parts in the following section. But before that, we would like to provide some brief information about the product first.

Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener is one among the successful machines in this category. The valve body of this product is made in such a manner that it consumes less power than others. Other benefits of this unit include easy installation, the compact electronic meter used and an awesome warranty.

Fleck 5600SXT Parts

In this section, we would like to list out some of the major parts used in this Fleck 5600SXT unit. They are given as follows:Fleck 5600SXT Parts

Fleck 5600 Replacement Timer & Piston Drive Motor

So this is a motor which helps with the replacement of the timer and the piston drive part. It makes use of 24V, and provides the right kind of replacement motor for the control valves and also for the timer mechanism.

The issues of wearing are present in this, on heavy usage of this element.

Bypass Valve for Fleck Control Heads

The next part we are going to check out is the Control Heads, and they are usually made of steel. This part suits well with all the Fleck models like 5600, 9100, 2510, and others SXT versions available.

Here the product is run using the single handle function, thus making it easy to use. The primary purpose of this element is to make secure connections with the Fleck heads.

And another important feature of this part is to allow the servicing of the Fleck system, with keeping the water running at your home.

Replacement Main Gear & Shaft

Next on the list is the Replacement gear and the shaft, we will check for the feature and the purpose of this. This unit is mainly used for the movement of the gear, and in particular for performing the up and down motion of the piston.

It can be paired up easily with the Fleck Water Softener, and also their water filter valves.

This is the replacement product, and you will find the genuine part for your Fleck 5600SXT on the Amazon website. The weight of this product is 0.3 ounces, and the dimensions are given as 2 x 2 x 2 in inches.

Fleck 5600 SOFTENER Valve Rebuild Kit

This is a small package which includes around 3-4 elements which are required for the rebuilding task.

Here this Rebuild Kit involves piston, spacers, seals, and one brine valve. All the products are offered by the official Fleck brand itself. Even if it has not been reviewed by any user, the kit is compact and useful in the needed way.

Valumax Fleck 60049 Plastic Bypass Less In/Out Yoke Bypass

Final on our list is the Plastic Bypass which is offered by the official Fleck developers. This is one of the key accessories used in the Fleck systems, and the measurement is 3/4″.

This Yoke Bypass fits many Fleck models like 2510, 5000, 5600, 6000 series, and many others. The dimensions are given as 9.2 x 3 x 0.7 in inches, and the system weighs about 9.9 ounces.

So these are the major Fleck 5600SXT parts which are made available on leading shopping portals. If you have got some quality knowledge about the parts, then you can order them by the online method. For others, it is advisable to get some expert’s advice before purchasing such softener parts.

We are concluding our article on Fleck 5600SXT Parts of Water Softener here. If you have got any query, then feel free to mention your doubts in the comment section provided below. For more such interesting facts, follow us on Fleck 5600SXT Guide!

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Fleck 5600 Econominder Metered Water Softener

Find all the information related to the Fleck 5600 Econominder Metered Water Softener. We will provide the purpose, features and the benefits of installing one along with the Fleck water softener unit.

Let’s get started!

Fleck 5600 Econominder Metered Control Valve

By the name itself you could understand one thing that it is control valve. And this control valve is connected at the head position of the Fleck model 5600SXT.Fleck 5600 Econominder

What is an Econominder?

This is one kind of a mechanical meter which is used in adjusting the regeneration time. This adjustment is made by the number gallons of the water used by you.

Features of the Fleck 5600 Econominder

The product has got a simple design, which is easy to understand. You will find plastic made gears here, but the overall built of the system is found to be strong. The controls of the system are found to be easy to use, and it also has easy functions.

Other key features of this machine are that they are non-corrosive in nature, and UV-resistant as well. Also, it consumes less power here. Thus the annual power consumption is less, thus making the unit economical for all the users.

You won’t find many issues with Fleck 5600SXT troubleshooting too.

Functions of the Econominder

Some of the key purposes of using one Econominder are listed below:

  1. It helps with removal of stains, and other scale deposits.
  2. It removes the dirt layer caused by the soap particles.
  3. If you have got any clogging issue, then this econominder unit can come to your rescue.
  4. Another unique function performed by this product is to remove any dissolved minerals if any present.

These are the major functions which are performed by one Econominder system when connected to a Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener.


The main advantage of using one Econominder is to increase the lifespan of the water softeners. After you have installed this machine, you won’t require a lot of soap/detergent, thus reducing the expense made in buying these products.

Reduction in the soap amount is because of the good formation of the foam. So for getting the best foam get one econominder for your water softener. It is good for maintaining the softness of the hand, and you will get cleaner utensils and systems.

So this was all about Fleck 5600 Econominder Metered Water Softener, and we believe that this helped you in the right way with getting all your concepts cleared. If you have any doubts related to this product, feel free to post your question in the comment section.

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Fleck 5600SXT Troubleshooting – The solution to everything

Here we will provide detailed information on Fleck 5600SXT Troubleshooting here. We will list out some of the scenarios which you may face while using the unit, and explain the cause and solution for the same.

Fleck 5600SXT Troubleshooting

Some of the common issues that you may face while working with the Fleck 5600SXT unit are listed in the following section. We will provide you with the probable cause behind the condition, and also explain the solution for the same.

Fleck 5600SXT Troubleshooting

The softener failed to regenerate

To solve Fleck 5600SXT  situation, check all electrical connections in this like plug, fuse, pull chain or switch. Also, check the working of the timer here, and do the needful corrections.

Softener is using more salt for the processing

There are high chances that you have altered some salt settings, so do a check on that. And check the water level in the brine tank here. If more amount of water is present in the tank, activate the flow control of the system, and remove it immediately.

Water Pressure has suddenly decreased

The probable reason here will be related to the iron buildup within the container. So clean the container properly to remove all kinds of build ups.

Getting salt water in the active line

Here the cause of the issue will be the plugged injector system, or it may be because of the timer not cycling rightly. To solve this, you have to simply try to replace the timer. Try cleaning the injector and replace the screen.

Iron contents found in the resulting water

The only culprit behind this fleck 5600sxt problem will be related to the resin bed. Keep in mind that maintaining water softener is necessary for long term. A fouled resin bed will let the iron contents to mix well with the processed water. As a solution, you could check all the brine containers, and try increasing the frequency of the regeneration.

Also, increase the backwash time in this case.

So these are some of the major issues faced by the users, and we hope that this Fleck 5600SXT Troubleshooting Guide helped you with solving any of the problems discussed above. Feel free to ask the problem you are facing with your Fleck unit, by commenting below. Till then, keep visiting our page Fleck 5600SXT Guide.

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