Fleck 5600SXT Troubleshooting – The solution to everything

Here we will provide detailed information on Fleck 5600SXT Troubleshooting here. We will list out some of the scenarios which you may face while using the unit, and explain the cause and solution for the same.

Fleck 5600SXT Troubleshooting

Some of the common issues that you may face while working with the Fleck 5600SXT unit are listed in the following section. We will provide you with the probable cause behind the condition, and also explain the solution for the same.

Fleck 5600SXT Troubleshooting

The softener failed to regenerate

To solve Fleck 5600SXT  situation, check all electrical connections in this like plug, fuse, pull chain or switch. Also, check the working of the timer here, and do the needful corrections.

Softener is using more salt for the processing

There are high chances that you have altered some salt settings, so do a check on that. And check the water level in the brine tank here. If more amount of water is present in the tank, activate the flow control of the system, and remove it immediately.

Water Pressure has suddenly decreased

The probable reason here will be related to the iron buildup within the container. So clean the container properly to remove all kinds of build ups.

Getting salt water in the active line

Here the cause of the issue will be the plugged injector system, or it may be because of the timer not cycling rightly. To solve this, you have to simply try to replace the timer. Try cleaning the injector and replace the screen.

Iron contents found in the resulting water

The only culprit behind this fleck 5600sxt problem will be related to the resin bed. Keep in mind that maintaining water softener is necessary for long term. A fouled resin bed will let the iron contents to mix well with the processed water. As a solution, you could check all the brine containers, and try increasing the frequency of the regeneration.

Also, increase the backwash time in this case.

So these are some of the major issues faced by the users, and we hope that this Fleck 5600SXT Troubleshooting Guide helped you with solving any of the problems discussed above. Feel free to ask the problem you are facing with your Fleck unit, by commenting below. Till then, keep visiting our page Fleck 5600SXT Guide.

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